I’m Dr Jim Hasn, and firstly I’d like to welcome you to my website. Whether you or someone you know and care about are the one suffering with a painful joint condition, I hope that the information provided on this website is of value to you.

I have provided orthopaedic surgical care to the New South Wales Central Coast community since 1994. With almost two decades of experience, I have chosen to focus on providing care for patients needing surgery for arthritis of the hip and knee joints.  To date I have performed well over 3000 joint replacements, including revision surgery. 

As you look through the website, you can find out answers to many questions about osteoarthritis of the hip and knee joints, and its treatment. There will be regular blog postings, as well as the opportunity to sign up for a newsletter, so I warmly invite you to stay in touch via the website.


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Posted on: 08/27/2012
The NJRR has been collecting data on joint replacements performed in Australia since 1999. The latest, extremely compreh...

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I have used the excellent services of Dr Jim Hasn on two occasions recently.   On the first, December 2011, when I experienced  a “trigger finger” on my right hand index finger and the second for the same complaint 2 months later on my left hand 3rd finger.   From my first appointment I was nothing but ...
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Greatly improving the quality of life for patients suffering with osteoarthritis and related conditions has been, and continues to be, my passion

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